We aspire to turn your “Dream Quest” into a rejuvenating reality

MICE Expertise

We aspire to create an environment be it meetings, incentives, conference or exhibition (MICE) using the diversified terrain of  Sri Lanka.  Our professional deliverance extends up to our suppliers.

Our venues range from eco, to sunny beaches, tea plantation or amidst world renowned heritage sites.  In the city of Colombo the seating capacity could take up to 5,000 equipped with state of the art conference facilities.

You could not select a better place for an incentive to treat your deserving clients.   Since we are a small Island, we could reach point to point via, seaplanes, luxury vehicles, trains, helicopters and likewise.  You will experience local life, food, handicrafts of many kinds, virgin forests, water falls all in a span of couple of hours. We are also well connect from all parts of the world in particular from India and the Middle East .

I am trained by IAPCO and in addition to several ICCA and IAPCO trainings, also been a facilitator both in Sri Lanka and in Dubai.

We CREATE you enjoy!