We aspire to turn your “Dream Quest” into a rejuvenating reality

About Us

Imagine a holiday that is everything you wish for. The places you want to see, the things you want to do; all yours to choose – where, when, how and what, is yours to decide: a holiday that is made just for you? At Golden Isle, that is exactly what we bring you. We offer a wide variety of unique experiences for you to match with your tastes and interests. We call them ‘Quests’ because our quest is to turn your dream holiday into a reality you will cherish.

Golden Isle is an exciting new venture owned and managed by Paddy Paul who has over 30 years of global experience in the travel and tourism industry with some of the leading companies in both Sri Lanka and around the world; and together with her team has the insight and the know-how to understand your own holiday dreams and help make them come true.

About Paddy

Nearly 30 years ago, I stepped into the world of tourism quite by chance. This gave me the great opportunity to travel around the globe and even work overseas.  In the process, began enjoying every minute of it.

In this competitive business you either blossom or wither with time..

I love people.  This is my forte….I yearn to go the extra mile to deliver peoples expectations.….I drag myself into situations that demand others needs to be met with success and satisfaction.

I enjoy creating new ideas and programmes, the more complicated, better the challenge…that’s what makes me tick and propels me into a MICE specialist.

I aspire to venture further into the realm of wellness, golf, and eco quest which I expect would harvest a rich and fruitful world of experience and service to others.