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Tea Quest

Tea Quest

Aug 1, 2011

NOT your run of the mill tea trip!

Searching for green gold? Where better to start than the source of the legend itself.  Home of the unmistakable Ceylon Tea, our verdant plantations still produce some of the world’s finest brew. An enthralling journey of discovery into this unique world of tea is yours to embark on.

The very first tea plants imported from India in the mid 19th century took to the sublime climate of our mountains and the rest is of course, history.  Ceylon tea is grown at different elevations – low, medium and high; and each has its own distinctive character. The processing too is a highly complex operation where the green leaf is withered, rolled and fermented then graded.  Visit the varied plantations around the lush tea country where you can help with picking some of your own ‘two leaves and a bud’. Take comprehensive guided tours at the factories and get an insight into the manufacturing process. Join the experts at grading, spend time with a taster and learn the intricacies of an art as complex as wine tasting or you can join the excitement of a tea auction. Indeed, anything and everything to do with tea is yours to enjoy.

To complement the experience you can choose to stay at colonial planter’s bungalows in the heart of the tea estates. Although built at the turn of the 20th Century, today they house all the luxuries you could wish for, with their renowned hospitality and personal service remaining unchanged over time.  You could also opt for five star luxury, small boutiques, eco villas or private hideaways – all deep in the mist swathed mountains too.

Sri Lanka’s Tea is world renowned as the very best and is esteemed for its uniqueness.  Take a Tea Quest with us you can gain firsthand knowledge and savour its wonders in a tour unlike any other.

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