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Wellness Quest

Wellness Quest

Feb 8, 2010

NOT your ordinary fitness package!

Take the ancient arts of therapeutic healing from over 2000 years ago and the most decadent of 21st century luxury, and fuse the two – then sit back and indulge in a dream wellness holiday.  Ayurvedic treatments, meditation, yoga, health diets and heavenly pampering are all yours at some of Sri Lanka’s most exclusive spas and resorts. When, where and how, is your prerogative of course.

Discover healing for the mind, body and spirit – the tradition of Ayurveda, practised in Sri Lanka for thousands of years offers a holistic approach to wellbeing. From remedies for specific illnesses to beauty care, the therapeutic methods of Ayurveda use natural ingredients, age old techniques and principles, with the herbal teas, wines, powders, oils and ointments, all made from local medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables to cleanse and heal you from within.  Embark on a journey to inner peace with your own guru who will create your very own yoga and meditation programme. Special cuisine, treatments and wellness programmes will be planned and prepared to meet your specific requirements to ensure that you have the all the care and comfort you need too.

With five star resorts, secluded boutique hotels, quiet retreats and specialised health spas dotted around the island you can choose your rest and relaxation in one or many locations and visit the islands other diverse attractions in between.  Peaceful havens, beachside idylls and tranquil hideaways are all yours to indulge in the most luxurious forms of rejuvenation.

Sri Lanka’s health retreats offer healing and luxury in equal measure bringing you the best of both worlds in a unique tropical haven of unique diversity. Take a Wellness Quest, and you will discover the real meaning of renewal and wellbeing to take home with you.

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