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Golf Quest

Golf Quest

Jan 8, 2010

NOT your routine tee-off!

From an ‘albatross’ by the sea to an ‘eagle’ in the mountains or teeing off in the tea country, Golf in Sri Lanka is very much a unique experience.  With four world class Greens, three of which are amongst Asia’s finest 18-hole courses, they offer diverse terrain and climates to challenge the keenest enthusiast.

Although Sri Lanka is not known as a typical golfing destination, our links to the game go back more than a century.  In fact the Sri Lanka Amateur Golf Championship established in 1891, is the second oldest national championship in the world.  Situated in Colombo, Digana (off Kandy) and in Nuwara Eliya, you certainly have a varied choice within a few hours’ drive from each other – each so different that you could well be playing in three different countries. Enjoy the elegance and the traditions of the Royal Colombo Golf Club, steeped in colonial charm in the heart of the busy capital. Or you can settle for the modern chic of the newly built Water’s Edge Golf Club on the outskirts of the city – both flat courses, at sea level.  The Victoria Golf Club set in the rolling hills of Digana, is situated 25 km east of Kandy and 150 km from Colombo and offers a luxurious resort within its complex.  Around 600meters above sea level, this course is vastly different in character and terrain offering a new set of challenges. For the ultimate in heritage, diversity and difficulty, head for the mountains and the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club high up at 2071meters above sea level.  Built in 1891, it is one of the oldest clubs in the world and is reputed for its complex terrain and demand on skillful play. Right in the heart of the Nuwara Eliya, a colonial resort town reminiscent o f England in weather and character, a round on this course will take you back to another era.

Of course, your holiday need not be all Golf – you can take some well earned rest and visit the country’s many diverse attractions in between too. The very best of luxury is yours to choose as well.  From beachside havens, five star luxury, small boutiques, eco villas, private hideaways to colonial grandeur – diverse experiences, ambience are also yours to make your golfing tour complete.

Sri Lanka’s Golfing challenges are as unique and diverse as the nation itself.  Take a Golf Quest with us you can experience the novelty of fairways unlike any other.

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